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10 Most Common Smart Home Issues and How To Solve Them

June 03, 20245 min read

Back when you were a kid, the idea of living in a “smart home” probably sounded futuristic. Something you’d hear about from Back to the Future II or The Jetsons. Well, we might not have flying cars (yet), but we do have video telephones, smart refrigerators, and even voice-activated lights.

 We truly do live in the future. But even the most advanced technology can run into issues. Hackers can bypass weak passwords, bad connections can turn advanced into rudimentary, and sometimes your device doesn’t even do what you want it to!

Have you run into any issues with your smart home gadgets? Most people run into problems more often than you think. Not to worry though! We’ve got your back when it comes to troubleshooting several common smart home issues, along with simple steps to make your home smart again.

1. Connectivity Woes

 Are your smart gadgets refusing to connect to Wi-Fi? The whole reason you bought these smart devices in the first place is because you can access them wirelessly. So, an internet connection is vital to integrate several devices into a smart home hub.

 If your device is having connection issues, check the basics first. Restart your router and your devices. If that doesn't work, ensure you've positioned your router centrally to allow for optimal signal strength. Maybe consider a mesh network for larger houses. Or invest in a Wi-Fi extender for better coverage.

 2. Device Unresponsiveness

 Now that we have so many voice-activated devices, we expect them to always answer. It can be frustrating when a device won’t respond to its “wake word.” We might even raise our voice and ask again… only to be ignored.

Are you having trouble with your smart devices not responding to commands? A simple power cycle (turning them off and on) can often do the trick. If you’ve already tried that, then check for software updates on your devices. As well as the corresponding apps. Updating software can fix bugs and improve performance.

3. Battery Drain

 Smart devices - especially those battery-powered - can drain quicker than you’d like them too. Adjust the devices settings to reduce power consumption. Disabling features you don't use can also help. Such as notification lights or constant background updates. And if even then it still drains too fast, consider replacing batteries with higher-quality ones for an optimal performance.

4. Incompatibility Issues

Not all smart devices are created equal. Just because it says “smart” on the box doesn’t mean it plays well with others. When a new device won’t interact with your network, it can mean a boatload of money down the drain.

Before you buy, always be sure to research. Check to ensure your devices are compatible with each other. Build your devices around your smart home platform. Review the manufacturer's specifications thoroughly to avoid compatibility headaches.

5. Security Concerns

We’ve all heard the horror stories about hacked baby monitors or you doorbell letting burglars know when you’re not home. As such Security is paramount in a smart home, because these stories can get real very fast. You need to pay attention to securing your devices. Rather than getting caught up in plugging them in as fast as possible.

 Use strong and unique passwords for all your devices and accounts. Enable two-factor authentication wherever available. Keep your devices and apps updated with the latest security patches.

Some other smart device security tips include:

·        Change the default device name on your network. Choose something generic.

·        Put smart devices on a separate “guest” network. This keeps them separated from devices with more sensitive data.

·        Turn off unnecessary sharing features. These are often enabled by default.

6. App Troubles

 Are you running into sporadic problems? Bugs that crop up intermittently? Sometimes, the problem might lie with the app itself. Check if any app updates are available and install them. Try logging out and logging back in to refresh the connection. If issues persist, uninstall and reinstall the app can work as well.

 7. Automation Gone Wrong

 Automation can be convenient, but problems arise when the systems malfunction. Review your automation rules and ensure they're set up correctly. Be sure to test them individually to identify any faulty triggers or actions.

8. Limited Range

Some smart devices only come with a limited range. Check the manufacturer’s guide so you know what to expect. Move your devices closer to the hub or router for better communication between the two. Consider using repeaters or extenders if the distance is an issue.

9. Ghost Activity

Ever experienced your smart lights turning on or off randomly? Well it’s not a ghost…. sort of. This could be due to factors such as:

·          Accidental voice commands

·          Faulty sensors

·          Scheduled automations you forgot about

·          A hacked device

Review your automation settings and disable any you don't have use for. Investigate if your devices are picking up unintended voice commands from other sources. Especially change passwords and cautiously watch out for breaches.

10. Feeling Overwhelmed

Often, you just feel so overwhelmed by all the tech. It’s easy, especially when you’re dealing with several smart devices. Don't hesitate to consult your device manuals and online resources. You can also get help from our IT experts for specific troubleshooting steps. These resources can offer more guidance tailored to your situation.


Need Help Securing Your Smart Home?

A smart home should simplify your life, not complicate it. These simple solutions can help you navigate common issues. It’s also important to get a smart home security assessment to keep your family protected.

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